Physiotherapy is a health care profession aimed to help rehabilitate anyone suffering from injury, illness or disability through the use of manual therapy, exercise and movement, education and advice.

Sports Injuries

Our goal at Your Physio is to manage you back to your sport as soon as possible, pain free and stronger than before.

Pre/Post Op Rehabilitation

The goal in pre-operative physiotherapy is to improve your movement and strength as much as possible to allow for a quicker recovery post operation. We will guide you through your rehabilitation journey from early post operation until you are back to your best!

Shockwave Therapy

We are lucky to be one of the only clinics in the Northwest to offer this service. Shockwave therapy is one of the most technologically advanced and effective non-invasive treatment methods. It is a safe alternative to surgery or steroid and other treatment injections.

Acupuncture/Dry Needling

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine and is a brilliant way to manage pain and inflammation. At Your Physio we combine acupuncture with ‘hands on’ physiotherapy and tailored exercises to make maximum impact upon the injury.

Virtual Physiotherapy

This is a service we started in response to the COVID pandemic. We set this service up so we could offer care to our current and new clients. Due to the success of the service we have kept it going despite reopening for face to face appointments.

Woman’s Health

We are very fortune to have the amazing Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapist Karen Crudden at the clinic. Karen offers evening and weekend clinics as she works in the NHS during the day.

Athlete Profiling

Our Athlete Profiling Service aims to identify imbalances that can be addressed to improve athletic performance and reduce your risk of sustaining injury.